jueves, 12 de junio de 2014

New release. LAPIDATED -"The Stench of Carnage" CD

--- LAPIDATED -"The Stench of Carnage" CD
Death Metal Brutal

After their promo CD 2011, long awaited debut full length album is finally out.
10 tracks of crushing, heaviest, catchy & demolishing DEATH METAL bulldozer.

This awesome work will become one of your favourites albums in the extreme metal scene for 2014.

You will be surprised, SURE!
1.000 copies pressed and distributed by:

Sevared Records in America and
Hecatombe Records for rest of the world.
You can order your copy (7 €) to:

Special Offer until 15th June 2014:
Ordering LAPIDATED CD you can choose 1 CD FREE between Complete Catalogue items.

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