miércoles, 30 de marzo de 2011

Out Now. VELOCIDAD ABSURDA "Reborn for the extermination"

New Velocidad Absurda recording finally available!!!

Brutal Death Metal 9 tracks, 29 min, of brutality into american style.

Fantastic design and Cd available on 2 formats:

1.000 copies Cd- jewel box

500 copies CD-digipack special limited edition.


Out now. MUGRIND -"Spoko Evillution Porko Dio" 12"LP

MUGRIND -"Spoko Evillution Porko Dio" 12"LP - February / Febrero 2011

First co-release of Hecatombe Records on vinyl format.
12 tracks of grind-crust with metal touch and punk feeling.
525 copies, limited edition.
For your copy, you must write to:


10 €uros --- España
13 €uros --- Europe
16 €uros --- Rest of the world

Paypal is accepted.
Ask for other methods of payment and special offers for our catalogue.

Welcome to Hecatombe Records blog

Bienvenidos al nuevo espacio-blog del sello Hecatombe Records. A través de aquí podréis seguir todas las novedades en torno a las ediciones del sello y los grupos pertenecientes a el.

Welcome to the new blog space Hecatomb Records label. Over here you can follow all the developments around the record-label issues and groups belonging to it.